Geometry Dash Blast Processing

Geometry dash blast processing is a rhythmic platformer game. It became popular due to its simple but addictive game mechanics. Despite the simplicity of gameplay, passing often causes a lot of difficulties. You control the main character, who is presented in the form of a geometric figure. On his way he overcomes various levels filled with obstacles and traps, changing literally every second. The goal of the game is to overcome all the obstacles and reach the end of the level. You need to reach the finish point without running into any obstacles. The control is done with a single button press, which results in your character jumping.

Difficulty of levels

The levels in Geometry dash blast processing are characterized by their complexity. This is a distinctive feature of the entire series. They have a special design that keeps the player in constant tension. The levels include various obstacles. They can be static, as well as moving. On the way you are waiting for spikes, obstacles, tricky traps and other dangers. Often you have to memorize the track, since the special arrangement of obstacles often breaks the usual patterns used earlier.


Each level is accompanied by upbeat and dynamic music. The music is perfectly combined with the rhythm of the game. Thanks to this, a special atmosphere is created. Falling into the rhythm, it is much easier to choose the right moment to jump. It should be noted that Geometry dash blast processing has a high complexity from the very first seconds. It requires from the player precise reactions, high coordination and a lot of patience. This version is based on the level of the original game, which is called Blast Processing. All the design is based on what you may have encountered in that level. Everyone here has a unique design including different obstacles, structure and control mechanics. These can change depending on the level. There are fast and dynamic changes happening here all the time. All of this forces you to react quickly, as you’ll have to start from scratch the first time you encounter anything.

Similiar games

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