Geometry Dash World

Get ready for a trip into the world of unparalleled geometric sophistication! Geometry Dash World packs up the entire experience and features you’ve already seen in the famous arcade series and adds some new, previously unavailable content that will surely make you clap your hands in excitement! So let’s see what kind of things make this new edition so great and what you can expect from the gameplay!

New characters, new levels and more adrenalines!

You know how in other GD games you’re just a basic shape. That’s definitely conceptual and cool, but man, aren’t we tired of all that geometry? One can surely get bored with being the same cube guy who’s always bouncing around with his cute little face. So in World you can be anyone, even a freaking banana or a bird! While we already had the UFO in one of the previous chapters, now there is also the ship, sleek and fast, racing through the levels with the greatest of ease. You can even customize your character with different colors and skins, so you can rock your own unique style as you play.

Plus, the setting is way more diverse. There is a bunch of new levels that you won’t find anywhere else, and they’re all jam-packed with new obstacles that are gonna have you rage-quitting one minute and fist-pumping the next! There are spikes and lava and some other trippy stuff that’ll make you wanna scream and laugh at the same time. For instance, on one of them, you are going to find yourself on a pirate ship that’s sinking and you gotta dash through the whole thing before it’s too late!

Can you make it through all the hurdles?

Like all Geometry Dash games, World will put your reflexes to the test. It requires more finger dexterity than a pianist playing Beethoven’s Fifth! The control scheme itself is rather simple – just tap the screen to make your character jump. That’s it, you only need one finger to play this game, but don’t underestimate it. You’ll need to be fast and precise to avoid all those crazy obstacles. And if you’re not feeling like tapping, you can hold down on the screen to make your character jump higher. Wanna go full-on crazy? Try using two fingers to control your character’s movement! It’s like playing a musical instrument, but instead of notes, you have to hit the right beats and avoid hitting the wrong ones. It’s all about timing, precision, and practice. So grab your phone, launch Geometry Dash World and get ready to tap your way to victory!

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