Geometry Dash Slaughterhouse Extreme Demon

Geometry dash slaughterhouse Extreme Demon is a fascinating and dark platformer, which combines both the notes of horror games and classic platformers of this series. The new version is made on the basis of one of the latest updates and here are used various innovations that concern graphics, sound design and other features. Otherwise, the developers tried to keep the essence of the classic game and open something new to the players, which can make them return to this world again.

What changes were made?

It should be noted that Geometry dash slaughterhouse Extreme Demon is based on one of the most difficult levels of the classic game. On its basis, the design and many elements are created. Here you almost immediately encounter difficult passable areas, so you should not relax even at the very beginning. At the same time, this version will suit those who want to test their own strength, set personal records, etc. A real challenge awaits you here. In Geometry dash slaughterhouse Extreme Demon you still control the main character, constantly moving from one point to another. A lot of deadly obstacles will be waiting for you. Literally every step in the game can be the last for your character. This forces you to repeatedly pass the same places until you have perfected your technique to a perfect state.

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