GD 2.2

The game gd 2.2 is a continuation of Geometry Dash, in which you are waiting for new levels, development of used ideas, as well as quite interesting challenges. You will discover new features and possibilities. At the same time you still have the same platform game, in which your main task is to control the cubic character, quickly moving through the various levels. All locations are full of obstacles, traps and other dangers, collision with which will definitely lead to death. The player must help the character to overcome obstacles, moving by jumping over all the spikes and pits on the way. This will help you reach the goal of the level. As a rule, it is required to cross the finish line to move on to the next stage.

What is interesting about the game?

The game gd 2.2 has a dynamic and fun musical accompaniment. It does not just decorate the passage of levels, and helps you pick the right moment to jump. Here the musical rhythm plays a very important role. Players should learn to synchronize their actions with the music to successfully pass the level. Many people are attracted by the fact that this is a challenging game that requires a high level of difficulty. It requires quick reactions, accuracy and obstacle avoidance skills. Many levels of varying difficulty are available in the game, allowing players to choose levels that suit their skills and preferences. But almost all of them are significantly harder to pass than in other games.

Features of the game world

The main feature of gd 2.2 lies in its simple and intuitive mechanics. The player just needs to press the jump button to perform actions. This simplicity buys you in, but literally in the first 10-20 seconds it will become clear that this is just a cheat. You need to perform jumps, flights and various moves very precisely. Thanks to this, the player gets a fascinating gameplay, easy to understand, but difficult to master. Players are waiting for a variety of levels. In the second part, the developers tried to add a lot of new content. Each level has its own conventional designation of complexity. But even the easiest at the very beginning will cause difficulties. At further stages you will be waiting for striking visual effects, unusual platforms. You will also get the opportunity to reincarnate into new objects.

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