Geometry Dash Clutterfunk

The game Geometry dash clutterfunk is a classic representative of the series, which has certain innovations. In front of you is a rather complex platformer, which requires from players a special concentration. There are a lot of obstacles and literally every second you can die, after which you have to start all over again.

What makes the game different from other representatives of the series?

In Geometry dash clutterfunk players are waiting for new levels, which were not there before, as well as the ability to transform into different objects. In some areas, you will fall into portals that turn your hero into something new. Sometimes this is because the controls change, in other cases there are additional features. All this adds variety to the game and updates the gameplay.

How to play?

In Geometry dash clubstep you can control your hero with only one button. This is the jump button, as a result of pressing which the character jumps up. This allows you to overcome a variety of obstacles, including pits, spikes and other. When you transform into something new, which is often a temporary solution, no additional controls are added. You still jump, fly up, and perform other actions. The main feature of the gameplay, that the hero does not stop, remains unchanged. After dying, you return to the beginning of the level. Despite the fact that the game is relatively short, it will take many attempts to pass it.

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