Go Up Dash

Go up dash geometry dash meltdown game is a simplified arcade platformer geometry dash, which is presented here in a new plane. It is quite an interesting reworking, keeping the spirit of the original, but with a slightly different gameplay.

How to play?

In Go up dash geometry dash meltdown game your character still moves forward quickly without stopping. But now you move along a kind of tunnel. Each jump of the character assumes that he will jump to the other side of the tunnel. Accordingly, you need to dodge obstacles in such a way that you do not fall on others that are located on the opposite side. As in the original game, the sections here start to get more complicated over time. Spikes from one part of the route can fall on another, which requires a quick and timely reaction. Despite the simpler look and simplified gameplay, the platformer retains a fairly high level of difficulty. You will also have to make several runs to pass the same place. At the same time, the number of objects you need to keep an eye on has become less.

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