Geometry Dash

Wanna test your reflexes and spend an evening picking and fighting your way through a number of quirky-designed, surreal-looking, obstacle-packed levels? Then take control of this little brave triangle that is about to embark on a fascinating and dangerous adventure in Geometry Dash! You have to make it through this insane world without getting killed. And score a maximum number of points in the process. Are you ready? Then let’s go!

Crazy obstacles and insane gameplay!

Much like every other arcade, Geometry Dash is built on overcoming obstacles. Which all have some distinctive geometric shapes, like everything else in the game, including the main hero. And the landscape you’ll be passing through is just as insane in terms of difficulty as in terms of appearance.

First off, there are these spiked balls that come swinging at you from every direction. You have to jump and dodge them or you’re done for. Then there are the cubes that move in and out of the screen. Timing your jumps perfectly to the rhythm of the soundtrack is the only way to avoid getting crushed. But all of this is nothing compared to the flying sections! These crazy walls that are constantly moving and changing shape are really tough to avoid, and you have to try hard to make it through. Finally, laser beams are everywhere. You have to be quick and nimble to dodge them otherwise you’ll get cut into small lines and angles right on the spot.

Pass all the levels and do it with the highest score!

But the worst are the boss fights. These giant monsters come at you with everything they’ve got, so you need to always stay on the move, jumping and dodging and timing everything just right to beat them. There is a new boss waiting for you at the end of each level, and the degree of difficulty will keep getting more and more daring. It’s a lot to handle, but man, it’s so satisfying when you finally make it through a level!

However, it’s not enough just to pass it – you have to strive for the highest score possible collecting all the bonuses that are scattered around, even if that sometimes means deviating from the shortest and safest route to make it to a particularly hard-to-reach spot with the risk to your life. Here is where the replay value of Geometry Dash lies – there are always more points to earn, even if you’re passing a certain level for the dozenth time. Start playing right now and have fun!

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