Geometry Jump

The game Geometry Jump is an excellent platformer that offers players interesting challenges. Here you need to guide your character from one point of the level to another. You can only control his jumps, so you need to press the appropriate button in time not to collide with obstacles. Simplification in gameplay has created quite a high level of difficulty, as the character never stops and you do not have the opportunity to think and calculate the exact trajectory of the jump. You need to act as quickly as possible, as otherwise you will encounter large obstacles.

Obstacles in the game

In Geometry Jump you will face a lot of various and interesting obstacles. Due to the high speed of movement, even ordinary spikes placed in a row will pose a serious problem, as you need to keep up the rhythm. In addition, you face high walls, pits and other obstacles. There are very varied and interesting combinations of obstacles here, which forces you to quickly adjust to update the locations. Despite the fact that the levels are relatively short, the sheer number of obstacles forces you to replay them dozens of times.

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