Geometry Dash 2.11

The game Geometry dash 2.11 is one of the latest updates, which was made for the classic representative of a large series of complex platformers. The main essence of the gameplay is that your hero is constantly moving and you need to control him by jumping so that he does not collide with an obstacle. Here he has only one life, after the loss of which the level will have to start again.

What is added in the update?

In Geometry dash 2.11 version the number of daily chests has been increased, which doesn’t affect the gameplay much, but is quite significant for fans. Also the number of chests was increased in the treasure room. To diversify gameplay was introduced such an element as a weekly demon. Passing this task, you will be added a new silver chest. Changes in the new version touched and the internal game store. Here added a variety of icons available for purchase by players. An important change was a change in the physics of the flight tilt, when your hero turns into a small ship. Now the upward rise is not as abrupt as it was previously. This simplifies some of the moments.

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