Geometry Dash Clubstep

Game Geometry dash clubstep has bright graphics and modern music, made in the style of club music. Many elements of design are made in the style of the dance floor of discos. But do not think that playing this representative of the series has become easier. In front of you is still the same high complexity platformer, as well as other games of this category. You are waiting for inexplicably complex routes, at each stage of which even the slightest mistake can lead to the fact that you will start all over again.

What will the player face?

In Geometry dash clubstep you need to bring your character from one point to another. Getting past all the obstacles. Unlike other platformers, the obstacles here are extremely difficult and to pass some stages will require several dozen attempts. But at the same time you yourself will track how the moment that previously seemed impassable, now looks quite normal, and you overcome it without difficulty, timely pressing the jump button.

How to control the hero?

The main control element is the jump button. Jumping, you can overcome obstacles. In this case, the hero moves independently at a constant speed, so you only need to press one button in time. In practice, this turns out to be very difficult. Only the rhythm of the music can facilitate the passage, since the peculiarities of the construction of obstacles are associated with it.

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