Geometry Dash Bloodbath

The Geometry dash scratch game is a version of Geometry dash that is created using the scratch tool. Here there is a large number of user innovations, thanks to which many levels have certain differences from what players could meet in the original series. At the same time, the developers tried to preserve the basic essence and idea of the original, so you are waiting for the same exciting and dynamic adventure, in which you will need to show maximum attention and concentration.

What is the game about?

In your main goal Geometry dash scratch is to bring the square from one point of the level to another. On your way meets a large number of obstacles. Therefore, every second of passing will require a high level of concentration from you. It is necessary not only to keep a close eye on the changing situation, but also to memorize difficult areas to overcome them when you pass again. This is a very dynamic platformer, where you control a square, constantly moving forward. He does not stop and does not slow down, so you need to adjust to his speed to calculate the time to jump.

What obstacles will you have to face?

In Geometry dash scratch you are waiting for a standard set for this series of obstacles. The main ones are spikes that periodically appear on the road. They can stand in a different sequence, so jump very carefully to avoid getting on the next blades, standing behind those that you have already jumped. You will also encounter pits on your way, into which you can fall. They are also combined with other obstacles, which makes the game much more difficult at certain stages. Another type of obstacles in Geometry dash scratch are obstacles. You just bump into them and will not be able to jump before the back edge of the screen reaches you. Overcoming them requires you to advance to higher levels beforehand. Additional useful things to note are the platforms. They allow you to jump over several obstacles at once, overcome obstacles or get to various bonuses. Thus, you have everything you need to pass the level from the first time, but thanks to the rapidly changing environment to do it will be quite difficult and therefore you will need to practice.

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