GD 2.3

The game gd 2.3 is an updated version of the second part of Geometry Dash. It is a fascinating platformer in which you need to guide a geometric figure from one point of the level to another, overcoming various obstacles in the level. At first you control a small square, which at certain stages can turn into other objects. To pass the stage, you need to avoid obstacles. They can be presented in the form of pits, spikes and other objects.

How to play?

If you are confused by the high difficulty, there are several ways to overcome the barrier. In gd 2.3 you need to explore each level. In the process of passing you should pay attention to details, familiarize yourself with the mechanics, the peculiarities of the location of obstacles. Even if you make a mistake and die, then gradually move forward, memorizing the locations of the most difficult and dangerous sections. To reach the master level in this version, you should work out the technique of passing. The simplicity of the controls only makes the game seem simple. It is not excluded that one and the same sites will have to pass several dozens of times. The game has various techniques that involve combined jumps, bounces off the walls and other options for overcoming obstacles. Take time in the first stages to work out all the techniques, learn to pass basic obstacles. Further they will be repeated and you will need to often apply them in a real game situation.

Recommendations for passing new levels

The new part of gd 2.3 for beginners may seem very difficult. It requires accuracy and good reaction. This does not come immediately, so, be patient, do not give up if there were failures. Even if you passed the previous parts, here you will meet new mechanics and features. Gradually you will get better and pass the difficult level. In very difficult and tense moments adjust to the rhythm, so it is best to play with music. Advancement and obstacle are well synchronized with the music. This is an interesting feature of the game mechanics. Practice and mindfulness can help you in overcoming obstacles and new challenges that the game gives you.

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