Geometry Stack 2048 Run

The game Geometry Stack 2048 Run is an exciting game in which you are required to skillfully combine dexterity and logical thinking. From the player is required to be able to quickly count and move accurately to guide the hero to the right place. On your way will be placed various boxes with numbers, which you need to collect. You need to make it so that by the end of the route you have the maximum number, and for this you need to calculate the route in advance, as the hero does not stop and is constantly in motion.

How to play?

You only need to direct the character in Geometry Stack 2048 Run to certain places, for which there are corresponding arrows. Approaching the box with a number, he takes it automatically. To increase the value, you need to take the same box on the way. Then the available figure will grow twice. If the number is smaller, the box will be located at the top. It will be there until you pick up the same one to change the numbers on it. You can carry several boxes at once. But you need to take into account the peculiarities of their location, so that by the end of the route you have the maximum value. On the basis of it and will be counted points after the end of the level.

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