Geometry Smash

The game Geometry smash is an interesting arcade in which you need to apply dexterity, calculation and constantly be attentive. The main goal is to score points. You will always be on the same field, on which from above fall geometric shapes and explosives. You should last as long as possible by scoring points and setting a record. The player is always in the same place, but as time goes by, the combinations of items that fall on him will become more complicated.

How to play.

The rules of the game are quite simple, but the process of passing will require constant attention. You control a geometric figure, which when colliding with other geometric figures takes their shape. For each transformation you get points. At the same time, if you collide with the same figure as you, you lose a life. After three such mistakes, the game ends. You must not collide with a bomb, as you will also lose one life. Accordingly, you need to constantly monitor what shape you are in and dodge falling dangers. In Geometry smash you can move your character in any direction, including down and up. This helps you dodge falling shapes better and creates more room for maneuvers.

Game Features

Geometry smash has quite simple graphics, as the main objects here are geometric shapes. They can be of different colors and sizes. You always need to pay attention only to the shape, as only from the interaction with t

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