Geometry Dash Unblocked

We’re used to play even most basic games as some character. Sometimes it’s the hero of a popular cartoon, sometimes it’s just an anonymous human (or not quite so) being. But what if it’s a geometrical figure? Can you associate yourself with a blue triangle that runs and jumps through various levels that are also designed as a kind of a geometrical phantasy? That’s exactly what you’re about to do playing Geometry Dash Unblocked!

Enjoy a full scope of features!

So, your hero is a triangle. But it can move along the level and perform all kinds of maneuvers just like any other characters. Besides, you’re going to unfold some others in the process that will already look more ‘identified’ and will also come with various special abilities. In the unblocked version, all these characters are available at once, and you don’t have to spend hours trying to get to the point of the gameplay where you will be able to unlock them! The same goes for various levels and locations, bosses and monsters. You can benefit from the full scope of features in this edition, so start enjoying it right now!

Have fun passing geometry-ridden, rhythm-based levels!

The gameplay of Geometry Dash Unblocked is not only heavily tied to geometry, but also to the rhythm of the music playing in the game. At first, it might seem to be just a soundtrack that doesn’t have any particular meaning. But as you keep playing, you will soon realize that the beat ramps up when you reach a particularly tough spot. And when you time your moves and jumps to it, it gets much easier to overcome those challenging fragments of the level.

As you can see, Geometry Dash isn’t only designed in an interesting way, but also has a unique gameplay concept. Since the level of difficulty only gets higher, you won’t get bored. And you can also replay any level to try and get the highest score possible. Enjoy the unblocked version of this great arcade online!

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