Geometry Dash Full Version

Are you tired of all the limitations in Geometry Dash? Wanna have access to all the locations and characters at once? This is possible in the full version of the game! Here you will be able to enjoy a complete scope of capabilities and features offered by this great rhythm-based platformer which surely contributes to a more satisfying gaming experience. So, shall we begin?

All of the characters in free access!

In Geometry Dash Full Version, you’ll be able to choose among a whole bunch of cool characters. First, you will get access to basic heroes like the triangle or the ball. They can’t do any special tricks, but they are the easiest to control, so it’s advisable to start playing with them even in the full version to get used to all the mechanics. You can customize the color of the triangle or ball to your liking, which is pretty neat.

Then, there is the spider, which can climb walls and ceilings. The UFO is another character – it can fly in a straight line and has a boost feature to make it go faster. It’s also worth to try the wave which lets you fly up and down as if you’re swimming in water. It’s one of the more difficult characters to guide around, but it’s rather convenient to overcome the obstacles that suddenly appear in your way. And finally, there is the robot, which can jump higher and faster than the other characters. It’s also more durable, so it can survive a few hits before dying.

A full list of levels and soundtracks!

Along with a greater range of characters come a concise list of levels. You will be able to access all of them and travel through the entire diversity of the surreal geometrical landscapes that will unfold on your screen challenging you to demonstrate your best reflexes. Crazy jumps, spikes, and other hazards that you have to dodge – all these things won’t let you relax even for a moment! Some levels have moving obstacles, while others have portals that will transport you to various parts of the map. And all of them are set to different music tracks. So as you’re playing through a level, you’ll be bouncing and dodging to the beat of the music. Find out more about Geometry Dash Full Version right now and play the game online!

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