Geometry Dash Jump

Welcome to a game that will make you want to chuck your phone across the room, but you can’t because you know that you’re just gonna pick it back up again! The goal is simple: you control a little geometric shape and have to jump, flip, and dodge your way through a never-ending gauntlet of obstacles, all while collecting shiny stars that will make you feel like an absolute boss. But don’t be fooled, because one misstep and it’s game over!

Make a jump of faith!

Geometry Dash Jump has everything we love the series for. The music is pure fire, and the graphics are trippy as heck. You’ll feel like you’re in a rave, even if you’re playing in your grandmother’s living room. And let’s not forget the levels – some are easy, some are hard, and some will make you question your very existence. But that’s what makes it so addictive. So damage-proof your phone, just in case, and embark on this insane geometric journey with a one-way ticket to the finish line!

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