Geometry Tile Rush

Geometry tile rush game is a classic representative of the series. In this platformer you need to lead your hero to the end of the level, using only one button. The main character, represented as an ordinary square, is constantly moving forward. You can’t adjust his speed, stop or perform any other actions except jumping. With a limited set of commands, you are required to bypass all the obstacles that arise on his path.

Game Features

Here you are waiting for a rather energetic and dynamic musical accompaniment. It can even be oriented when choosing the moment of jumping, as everything happens rhythmically and the key moments of the jump are inextricably linked with the melody. The track is designed in such a way that everything connects into the overall composition. In Geometry tile rush game you are given a difficult section, which is almost impossible to pass from the first time. Here you need not only a quick reaction, but also a good knowledge of the track, because some moments have their own nuances. They need to be taken into account for effective passage. When encountering each such moment you learn and gain experience of passing, which will be useful further.

Similiar games

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